Query on Annual Return AR01


I am submitting an online AR01 Annual Return for the first time for a client whom I have just transferred over from their previous accountant, and I have one query -

Can anyone explain the SAIL (single alternative inspection location) address amendments I should make if any? The current SAIL address is the previous accountant -

should this change now that the above accountant no longer works for this client?
Should I assume it's me?!! And if so, where do I find out what I need to do?
What's the normal rule in situations like this - I assume it comes up a lot?
Should I speak to Client about removing this address as it appears to be an optional item?

Anything else I should think about?




  • LynWest
    LynWest Registered Posts: 122 ? ? ?
    The old accountants address should be removed. I would speak to the client about removing the address,as you said it is optional. Hope that helps a little bit :001_smile:
  • deanshepherd
    deanshepherd Registered Posts: 1,809
    Every company has an obligation to make its statutory registers available to the public. Legally, they can make an appointment to come to your house and view them. If you do not want this then you can nominate a SAIL. I don't normally bother unless it is a high profile client or one with security issues.
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