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Hi can anyone tell me if it is worth using a training provider for level 3, I managed to self study level 2.
Also I have done my own self assessment including a partnership return for the last 8 years.


  • Vlee
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    If you felt happy and confident learning L2 alone you may find it perfectly possible to do L3, that's my plan. L4 is supposed to be the biggest leap so you may find it best to save money at L3 for support at L4. Plus you can buy individual modules from Kaplan or BPP if you are struggling on a particular module. You may have to buy spreadsheets as a module anyway - I bought it from Kaplan for £130 plus exam fee of £48. I worked out L3 self study costs around £600. With your experience you may find some bits very easy, ITX for example. Go for it, order some books and if you get stuck it's easy to get a provider for all or some of it.

    Oh and read the thread on the syllabus change.
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    I went to college for level 2 and level 3 (did my last exam today :001_smile:) and found it useful to have someone there to ask & explain a different way if needed but totally depends on you, I guess many ppl can study on their own but I did find it quite a big jump in difficulty from level 2 to 3. In terms of cost, my My level 3 cost £1200 & had 2 nights at college from Sept - June & includes exams. X
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    I've been following the threads on self-study with interest. I'm just finishing L2 and looking at my option for L3. the college where I'm currently studying are increasing the fees for L3 from £875 to £1850 due to the withdrawal of funding, so I'm looking to either self-study or do distance learning.

    I seem to remember someone posting that there was little difference between the cost of self study and distance learning after you've paid for the spreadsheets exam as a one-off module? Vlee, would you mind posting a rough breakdown of how you worked out the self study cost at £600 please?
  • Nps
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    It was me that posted about the cost comparison, if you search for my latest posts you should find the thread. It was about 2 wks ago.

    I'd find it for you but am on my phone and its a bit slow.
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