Short Accountancy courses to do while on Mat Leave?

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Hi, I'm going to be on Maternity Leave next year, and was wondering if anyone knew of any short accountancy courses which i could do to keep up my skills and knowledge, to make the return to work a bit easier!

I have already reached Level 4 AAT, but was thinking of doing one of the other "option" units at Level 4 - I didn't do the business tax unit so this could be something to do.

Has anyone got any ideas of any other short courses, or anyone got any experience with further studies while on maternity leave?

Cheers :)


  • T.C.
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    How about something like Sage Payroll. That is usually a short course. Our local Adult Education centre offer classes, try your's.
  • Emily
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    Thanks. I was thinking of just starting to study ACCA now actually... starting one or two units via BPP's online classroom, depending on time (and money!) I work in practice so this would be more useful i think :)
  • deanshepherd
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    How about ATT or the IIT VAT compliance diploma?
  • Emily
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    Thanks dean, i've never heard of the IIT vat diploma but it definitely sounds interesting, and would be something useful to do as well! Definitely will be considering this to do, thanks for the recommendation.
    ATT also sounds good, only thing putting me off is the price of doing a unit (via BPP anyway) - I'd only really be interested in the business tax module so could really just do the AAT's own unit which i missed out at level 4, would be slightly cheaper that way :)
  • Carole
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    The BPP is offering amazing deals at the moment for the ATT distance learning courses starting in November. As long as you book before 30th Sept.

    I'm just looking at this for myself and came across their offers on the ATT forum. You can get the Business tax paper (paper 2) distance learning with all the online teaching sessions recorded for £290 instead of £575. There are other offers too.

    However you would have to register as a student with ATT and therefore you have to consider that cost.
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