Choosing my AAT level 4 training provider

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I'm looking for some advice, hoping to benefit from your experience(s).

Having completed levels two and three as a distance learner, I've decided that I'm going to go through level 4 as a classroom student and I've drawn up a shortlist of training providers in my area.

What I want to know is: what questions should I be asking them that will help me make my final decision as to who I study with? Are there any questions you wish you'd asked before you chose your last training provder? What are the really important questions that I should be asking before making my decision.

Obviously I've never studied any AAT in a classroom environment, so I don't know what to watch out for, what makes a good/bad training provider and I'm keen not to miss something really important. I really want to avoid picking the duff one in my area!

All advice given would be appreciated.



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    I would recommend Bpp without hesitating, if you can not get to a class, it is worth considering online classroom, you receive a folder and text books, access to a tutor and forum, and 12 months access to your chosen subject tutorial recordings.
    have a look here.
    I have also heard that Icount are very good too and they have also started an online recording to enhance classroom study - I think they also provide a folder and use the Kaplan books, but would not swear to it.

    Goodluck with whoever you choose :)
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    Thanks for the reply Anniebabe.
  • Jo Clark
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    anniebabe wrote: »
    I would recommend Bpp without hesitating

    I second that. I studied with BPP and they were fantastic :o

    Good luck with level 4.
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    Eagle Education for me :thumbup1:
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    I studied all 3 levels with my local college and the standard of tutors was generally excellent (only one tutor whose teaching style I didn't get along with).

    Might be worth asking if they have any current/previous students who could tell you about their experience, maybe you could observe a class before comitting.

    I would ask about class flexibility (for example if I miss a daytime class I can attend an evening class instead), what is included in your course fees, if they hold revision classes, timescales etc and of course how much it costs.
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    Thanks everyone for the replies. Good luck to those of you going through the course at the moment.
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