Difference in exams from level 3 to level 4??

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Hi everyone

Just a quick question for those who know the difference in sitting the exam from level 3 to level 4, and why the results take lingers to come back? Does the exam format change at all?

Sorry I'm just abit scared lol

Many thanks


  • Nps
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    Level 4 exams have some written elements so have to be marked by a person rather than a computer, hence you don't get an immediate result (results normally take about 6 weeks).

    Section 1 generally take the same format as level 3 exams but section 2 is the written part.
  • AATnovice
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    Is all of section 2 writing???
  • Jo Clark
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    No, there are calculations in some of the questions but a large part of section 2 is written.
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  • welshwizard
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    Remember that from September assessment formats change for people completing the AAT qualification (but only when you start a new level). So, for example,if you start L4 in September, the assessments will be under the new AQ2013 Standards and your assessments will only consist of 1 section rather than the 2 sections in AQ2010 assessments. You will stilll have written elements and, of course, the obligatory 6 week wait for results. You will also find that new sample assessments show how many marks each question holds - something long called for by many tutors. You still have to get 70% to pass but at least that is now only 70% overall not in each section. One could argue that the new format will make it easier to pass.... we shall see.
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