Inkwell ICAS case study - choosing an accounting system

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Hi all,

I'm some 2700 words in to my ICAS project and I'm slightly confused with regards to choosing an accounting system. I understand we have to pick a system of which I've chosen the Sales Ledger department, however, I'm not sure when and where I supposed to write about the Sales Ledger department in the report! :001_unsure:

Do we reference the chosen accounting system when writing the 'internal controls and analysis of fraud' section or do you start at the 'review of the accounting system' because at the moment I'm analysing the whole of Inkwell when writing these paragraphs!

I apologise in advance for asking silly questions but I don't want to waffle on writing about the wrong things!

Thanks for any replies, I'm a distance learner and I've had no help thus far!


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    Well I've just submitted my second submission of this case study, which I didn't think was a bad case study!

    In my introduction I gave a general overview of the business and a bit of background information.

    When I came to my analysis and evaluation section I introduced the accounting department and then introduced what accounting system I had chosen, which in my case was payroll and personnel. Then that's when you discuss the accounting system in more detail.

    I hope this has helped! If you have further questions please ask.

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    That has helped, similar to yourself I've introduced the accounts department but then I've written the working methods and practices, record keeping systems, training, analysis of fraud on Inkwell as a whole rather than focus on the sales ledger. I shall go back and delete some bullet points.

    Thank you Jade
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    That's fine!

    I would delete some points because your analysis of the specific accounting system will consume a large amount of your word count. As will the recommendations and the cost benefit analysis.

    So when it comes back from marking they may just delete these bullet points themselves.

    My tutor was slightly ruthless with my first submission as where I had used several words I could have only used one, so watch out for that also.

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    Remember the word count for ICAS is 4,000 words although at tutors discretion if slightly over.

    If you exceed the word count excessively I would look to see if anything could be an appendix and then referred to in the report as this would help reduce the word count.
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