I’m a school-leaver. Is AAT suitable for me?

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Yes – the AAT Accounting Qualification has no formal entry requirements. Some training providers require students to have passed core GCSEs, but each has a different position on this so it's worth contacting them directly to get confirmation.

You don’t need to have studied accountancy or even A-Level Maths before. AAT is designed to help people with little or no accounting experience reach a level where they can work confidently in an accountancy environment.

Studying AAT lets you gain the skills and practical experience employers value without building up student debt at university.

Becoming AAT-qualified gives you generous exemptions if you decide to move on to chartered accountancy. You could become a fully-qualified chartered accountant more quickly than someone who has gone to university.

Lots of school-leavers study AAT through an apprenticeship. You’ll earn while you learn with your employer’s support, and instantly apply the skills you acquire to the workplace. Not only that, but research has shown that high-level apprenticeships can lead to career earnings on a par with those of graduates.

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