Financial statements froze on me - really WORRIED !!

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Hey all

I have spent the last week or so revising like a demon possesed !!

Got into my exam and went through quite quickly ... left some questions on 1.4 to go back to .At this point i was an hour into the exam and had another hour and thirty minutes to go ... my intentions were to finish off the questions in 1.4 ... ( maybe 3 or 4 mathmatical ones ) and then go through the whole exam double checking

.....but it FROZE :ohmy: .......after invigilators had tried getting it to start up again (30 minutes or more ) I had no choice but to submit it ....

I am now freaking out :crying:

anyone else experienced this or know what happens ?


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    Well surely it can't be considered as an exam attempt. Fair enough if you pass anyway as it's not like you get a mark so a pass is a pass, and you won't be disadvantaged in any way by having a lower mark than you deserve.

    BUT, if you fail, surely they can't consider it as an attempt, and will have to allow a resit (free of charge) with no mention of the 1st "attempt" on your record.

    I've had a technical issue before where I couldn't access part of a question (I've written about it here previously), but it was in level 3 so I got my result straight away. As it was a pass anyway, I just let it go, but had I failed, I'd have kicked up a stink.

    I've also had an exam which froze just like yours and took about 30 mins to sort out. When they finally got it working again, I'd lost a page of answers which I had to redo. Luckily it wasn't a problem as I had plenty of time, but still, it's not ideal.

    Personally I'd be on the phone to AAT. It wouldn't hurt them to rush your results through so you know whether you need to resit it before you forget it all.
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