Should I transfer to the new syllabus?

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Hi All!
I finally completed my level 3 yesterday. Happy days! Still to wait for spreadsheets results but I feel confident it's all going to be fine. Time flies really and when you look back it seems like yesterday. It was exactly 12 month ago when I sat my first L2 BA1 exam. Can't believe it.
Thanks Everybody for all your help and support you kindly gave to me and for your precious time you spent writing the posts.
Now is the time for level 4 chellenge.
Anyone knows how Cash Management will be treated in Level 4 on new syllabus please? It looks like if you stay on old syllabus there will be one exam less. Or am I wrong?
Some papers will be extended to include ethics and sustainability. But will I feel sort of underqualified under old syllabus?


  • steve2008
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    CM level 3 is not equivalent to CM level 4. I thought the number of exams either way would be the same for level 4. CM is added as another optional unit.
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    steve2008 is right to say that Cash Management is not going to be the same as level 3 but most of the fundamentals will be there. Additional work on investment will be included plus extra theory but it should be worth a shot at taking it early on as an optional unit if you have only recently taken Cash at L3. The AAT is currently running workshops for tutors to introduce them for the new changes and some were disclosed at the Annual Conference.

    Having said that let's see what the practice assessments look like when they come live on the website.

    Good luck with your studies.

    (Not as well known as some)
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