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Hi all

Just starting to buckle down to revise hard for this horrible exam. :(

I have taken this once before late last year and tutors have put it off so I could concentrate on other exams.

So finally my exam date looms in early july which leaves me a couple of weeks...

I have just completed an online practice to see what needs work, and surprisingly I think the extra revision sessions put on by my tutor has actually helped. :ohmy:

Does anyone have any tips or tricks that I could probably start to use in my revision?

Also is it true what it says on the delivery guidance that some of the IAS's are not assessable anymore? I don't know whether anyone has experienced the non assessable ones in an exam before.

Any help is appreciated, I DON'T want to be resitting this one again :/



  • Steve Collings
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    Hi Jade

    Have a look at my article on FNST which is designed to put students on the right path for this challenging exam.

    i hope it helps.

    Best wishes
  • Roydsio
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    Hi Jade, I sat this exam last Wednesday and felt it went very well. My advice to you would be to ensure you can pass all four of the CBA's on the AAT website. They cover everything and if you can get through them confidently you should be Ok. The key to this module, after learning the syllabus is practice, practice, practice. Try to apply some of the standards to a scenario in your own workplace, I find this helps to understand them more. Osbourne e-learning have free practice questions on their website, the AAT green light tests are also very good too. Then have a delve for past written papers to practice on too. Good luck :-)
  • chinnick
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    Make sure you're confident on Company Financial Statements, consolidated accounts and ratios. These always seem to come up and are big questions.

    Also remember that when you're doing questions on statements (company or consolidated), you know that if the SOFP balances then you've done it right, same with a cashflow if you get one of those. This made me feel so much better when I was doing mine because I knew I could spot whether I had made a mistake on a major question.
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