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I am coming to the end of my level 4 studies and would like to become a mip. I'm just looking for some advice from people who have been there and done it.

Any help would be much appreciated



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    If you search in this forum for "MIP setting up", "What to charge" or something similar, there are loads of threads about peoples experiences. I found this forum invaluable when completing my business plan and setting up and I still use the forum now.

    One thing I have found (set up November 2012) is that clients are coming much slower than I thought they would, I advertised in the early days (waste of money - Word of mouth is the best advertisement you can get) I now have 10 clients, no where near enough to pay the bills so I am grateful I have a part time job as well.

    My new lesson this week, is do not under quote! As I was so desperate for clients, I quoted really low for 4 new clients, I am now stuck doing their work for peanuts, and will have problems next year if I try and put my prices up. I have just done a new quote for a potential new client, and quoted back at "normal rates". It may mean I'll lose his business but at least I won't be working for peanuts!
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