How do I know which AAT training provider is best for me?

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AAT training providers need to meet a set of standards in order to be approved to offer AAT courses, but some may be more suitable for you than others, depending on your criteria.

We'd suggest you take into consideration the following things when making your decision of what AAT training provider to study with:
  • What type of course would suit you best? (For example: full time or part time courses.)
  • What type of study environment do you want? (For example: classroom learning, distance learning or online learning.)
  • What type of qualification do you want to work towards? (For example: the full AAT Accounting Qualification or our foundation level qualification AAT Access.)
  • If you want to attend classes, what location would work best for you?
  • What books, assessments and other items does the course fee include?
AAT is unable to recommend individual training providers, but we always suggest doing some research on what different packages include. Remember that training providers have differing prices and resources on offer.

If you want to see what other students have to say about training providers you can always search the AAT discussion forums or post a question on the AAT Facebook page.

To find out what training providers are available, search for an AAT training provider online

Many training providers hold open days where you can speak to staff and learn more their courses. Search for open days at AAT training providers now

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