New Syllabus Questions - Starting Level 4


After reading a few posts regarding the new Syllabus, I am rather confused! I have just finished Level 3.

What exams are affected by the change?

I am due to begin Level 4 at college in Sept, and I wanted to take my Budgeting exam before this so I get one out of the way. If I take exams before the switch does this mean I'll have to do old syllabus? I assume that from September the college will be on the new syllabus?

Any help is appreciated, I don't want to waste my time doing things I shouldn't! Any useful links would be handy to, if its clear cut information only!



  • Countrybumpkin
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    Hi Sasha,
    If you start on the old syllabus you can transfer over to the new syllabus at any point. I called aat for a chat about this last week.
    Good luck!
  • GreenMousey
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    I had an email from the AAT explaining the changes, from what I understand the project (ICAS) changes and Credit Management won't be an optional unit in future. Budgeting, as far as I could see, wasn't affected.

  • ademoore
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    It looks like there is nothing much to worry about in terms of the new syllabus, I've looked into this before, and my interpretation -

    Level 2 WEAF changes, to include a couple more questions to cover ethics and sustainability
    Level 3 PEAF changes (PETH) to a computer based project, this year its a 1.5 hour assessment with lots of multiple choice, from Sept this will be 2.5 hours with much more written capacity where the student will be able to justify their considerations - positive in my view!
    Level 4 - Project changes (ISYS) - where an additional section is required looking at ethics and sustainability within the accounting environment of chosen business/case study. It goes from a 4000 word report to 4000-5000 words however examiner has that the word count itself is not mandatory to focus on, it is the content that is highly important, and must include an element of ethics and sustainability. For me, it does lend itself a little concern for those that are doing workplaced reports and having to need their employer to sign them off, considering it will be required to highlight where the company is unethical!!! :0)

    The only other change is Cash Management moving from level 3 to level 4 and being made an option!
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