How to get started?

I have been to jobcentre plus for an interview after my work programme has now ended and they have suggested being self-employed.

I can get some financial help and i was wondering how other members got started, i have just passed my AAT level 4. Any advice would be helpful.


  • villapb
    villapb Registered Posts: 357
    I reckon you need at least 3 years experience to think about self employed, job centre just want you off their system.

    The thing I have noticed when cvs come through our doors is how rubbish they are. I read one yesterday and it was a well qualified person with experience but it was four pages, so boring, and it was a job description cv. It didn't say what the person could do for our practise and what how he/she could help can process a vat from a shoe box with loads of missing applicable missing information, but happens to produce loads of personal information, and dis allowable information, but still produce an accurate vat return to deadline etc etc.

    Good cv and pro active job search is the answer.............and never give up.
  • T.C.
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    I went self-employed straight-away. However, you need a second income/another job to subsidise your income whilst you are building up your business. Start with basic book-keeping. Don't take on anything which you are not competent or confident to handle. There may be grants available if you are under 25, but other than that, not alot of help out there. Don't forget to get your MIP status with AAT and your PPI sorted first. AAT will be able to advise you too. Good luck.
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