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Hi All,

So I've just got my second submission back...finally! :)

I have corrected all that needs to be, including my executive summary. However, I'm still not sure whether it is ok or not? :?

This is it but it still doesn't look very paragraph (new word just invented:) )

2. Executive Summary

2.1. This report was written to highlight the main weaknesses within the Payroll and Personnel System and to identify potential improvements.

2.2. A number of weaknesses have been uncovered these include overworked staff, inadequate security and a system that is reliant on the honesty of employees.

2.3. The key recommendations that have been suggested are implementing a clocking in system, resetting employee passwords and introducing a new training programme.

2.4. It is suggested, based on the outcome of the cost benefit analysis, the recommendations to implement should be MyTimeClock clocking in system and training for at least one employee. Sage Payroll training for another employee and resetting of employee passwords.

2.5. By implementing these recommendations (the company) will reduce the risk of fraudulent activity and have a more effective, efficient and timely payroll and personnel function.

*I have deleted the company name...no help for others! :)

Can anyone give me any advice on how to develop this even further?

Any help will be appreciated.



  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Jade,

    I would say from the outline you have provided, without having read your full report this would be right on track.

    The purpose of the Executive Summary is to give an overview of the report so that anyone reading it gets a good idea as to the content.

    It should engage the reader and make them want to read the whole report to understand how you will achieve these outcomes.

    The content for a summary is usually a very short section of around 100/150 words.

    You would structure this to include: Introduction/Main body/Conclusion:

    (a) One sentence for the weakness identified.
    (b) One sentence for the recommendation.
    (c) One sentence for the costs and benefits of implementation etc.

    Do NOT add new information – this is a summary.

    You do not want to go overboard on this as this will have a knock on effect for your total word count as this is already around the target word count of 139 words.

    However I am sure you will have room to change a few words and add a few as required to help it further engage the reader.

    My suggestions would be to look closely at each of your statements to see if in the summary any more powerful words/key words can be included together with any financial information from you CBA which can only help to gain interest.
    For example: if you have overworked staff would this mean staff moral is low or from the actions undertaken there will be an overall improvement in moral.

    Overworked staff can make errors so less mistakes which can equate to £X in time wastage savings or an improvement in efficiency of x% or an increase in processing of X etc

    The new payroll system would be robust............... replacing inadequate security protocols reliant on the honesty of employees.

    By implementing these recommendations (the company) ....... will have a fully trained and motivated payroll and HR department operating the latest payroll time clocking systems improving their overall efficiency by X% resulting in a return on investment in x months/years from existing errors/breaches identified.

    These actions will help safeguard the financial resources of the business from fraudulent activity and abuse with the added protection of a number of robust security measures introduced................

    I trust this information will help you develop you content further.

    All the best for the completion of your project.
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