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Hello everyone,

I have just finished Level 3 and wanted to get a few opinions.

So far for Level 2 & 3 I have used Premier Training. They have been excellent. However other than completing the 3 assignments and mock exam for each unit of the levels I didn't need to use my tutor at all. Level 4 is £699 plus exam fees with Premier and I'm feeling like it is a lot of money to spend on books!

Is Level 4 achievable if I were to self study and not actually use a training provider? Also if I were to do this, how would this effect me taking exams, can I still book in with an exam centre as an external student?



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    Yes, all perfectly possible and yes, you just sit your exams as an external candidate.

    There was a thread on here recently regarding costs and it turns out that you can actually do distance learning for not much more than self studying. I think some were saying £600 for everything so not that much more when you add up the costs of books and exam fees as a self studier (remember ICAS will set you back over £200 as a self studier as you need a learning provider so that bumps the costs up). Just a case of shopping around for the best price.

    Some need the extra support for level 4 so if you think you might, it might be worth the small amount of extra expense just in case. Though the fact you're even asking suggests you're quite happy to go it alone. Lots of us have done it so it is definitely achievable.
  • Sam22
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    Hi Nps,

    Thank you for the quick response.
    The place where I sit my exams seems to be the cheapest I've found at the moment and it looks as though you can buy individual units so I'll speak to them about ICAS.

    Thanks again.
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