Payments on Account resulting in Refunds...

Amie Registered Posts: 5 New contributor 🐸
I have 2 clients...

1 has made a POA in Jan and due to make one in July but with the one made in Jan this results in a refund therefore once submitting the tax return no payment will be due in July and the refund will be made.

The second client liability is £1077 payment made in Jan £863 and another due in July however if he was to make this payment this would result in a refund. My question is that I cant remember if he pays the less amount of £214 in July or does he pay nothing in july and the balancing payment of £214 together with the poa of £538 due in Jan??


  • SarahJS
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    Just pay the £214 in July, to make up to the tax due for the 12/13.

    But be aware that if the returnis not submitted by 31 July that interest will be payable.
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