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I'm about to start level 3 just wondering what order should I sit the exams?

I know that there is no official order but with Level 2 I found a lot of people advised doing it in a particular order as some units were easier to understand if you had completed a certain unit before.

Is this the same with level 3?

All advice would be greatly appreciated.



  • ASR
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    Definitely best to start with Accounts prep 1 then 2.
    I then did Cash management and costs and revenues together - Costs and revenues is a lot harder.
    the other units are kind of unrelated to the rest of the syllabus so you could take these at any point.

    The order they are shown on the level 3 details sheet is as good as any.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your studying.
  • ademoore
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    THe only 'ordering' that is a must is AP1 before AP2 - other than that, it is your choice!
    Spreadsheets has to be human marked, so can take up to 4 weeks for results, so you may wish to take that sooner, so that you can continue studying whilst waiting for those marks.
  • SashaDella
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    I don't think it matters as much with the ordering, the way I did it was:

    Cash Management

    If I could choose I would do: AP1 and AP2 first, then Spreadsheets, VAT and PEAF, then Cash Management and Costing last as its a big unit takes alot of concentration
  • James Patterson
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    The way i would sit it personally if i could again is as follows:

    - Spreadsheets If you know excel its a very easy exam to do, doesn't take long, no revision needed. Easy one to get out of the way.

    -AP1 Follows on from basic accounting, the most important 2 in my eyes, so it would be good to have these as the main initial focus after spreadsheets is out of the way.

    -AP2 Just for the sake of continuity, and while its fresh in your head, sit this following AP1.

    -Cash Management A nice easy exam in my eyes, if you like your numbers then its actually enjoyable.

    -Tax Isn't too hard either, looks at legislation, errors and ommissions and the effects of and different types and schemes of tax.

    -Costing Quite tough, lots of numbers and different math methods to work out different areas of costing, but its very methodical which i think makes it easier to remember, but a tougher module,

    -PEAF Not my favourite, straight forward in most parts due to common sense but there is stuff you need to remember and it is all words so maybe do last.

    The best thing i can think to do is search study material, and have a look at all the mapping documents showing what all the topics entail, and then you can base it on something :) As we all have our own opinions.

    Hope this helps :)
  • taraskyn
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    What order should I complete the papers in?

    Level 2
    Basic Accounting I (BAI) must be completed before Basic Accounting II (BAII). The Computerised Accounting (CMPA) should follow after the Basic Accounting papers. Basic Costing (BCCG) and WEAF can be completed at any stage (either before or after the Basic Accounting papers).

    Level 3
    Accounts Preparation I (API) must be completed before Accounts Preparation II (APII). The other papers can follow in any order with as long as the Costs and Revenue (CRS) and Cash Management (CMGT) papers are attempted after the Accounts Preparation papers.

    Level 4
    It is preferable that the Financial Statements (FNST) paper be completed before the optional External Auditing (EXA) paper. Budgeting (BGT) must be completed before Financial Performance (FNPF) and these 2 papers should be studied one after the other (or at the same time). If both tax papers are chosen then it is preferable if Personal Tax (PTX) is studied before Business Tax (BTX) although both could again be studied at the same time. The Internal Control and Accounting Systems (ICAS) project should not be studied alongside any other paper due to the intensive regular work required to complete the project.
  • charlotte224466
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    thanks all!

    My materials have arrived today, bit scary as there is a lot more work than level two! (I expected this, but its still daunting!)

    looks like I will be spending the next 6 months hibernating!
  • James Patterson
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    You'll be fine! Can always come here for help :)
  • ackeeandsaltfish
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    Hi Charlotte

    You will be fine
    I done level 3 at college and i done it in this order
    Cost and rev
    Cash Mang
    Spread sheets

    I then started straight on financial Stat in level 4

    People have complained Cash Management is not like the Assessments on AAT site which is kinda of true but if you learn and understand the concept you shall be fine was one of those exams that i started to worry about and a exceeded in all parts but we are all here to help

  • Vlee
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    This is interesting as I'm still working this out - I'm self studying. I've done spreadsheets to get the waiting bit out of the way. I'm doing PEAF next so I can stay on the current syllabus. Plus those two are not actual accounting papers so I get that bit out of the way and can concentrate on the serious stuff. ITX is next as it supposedly a bit easier (like the previous two) so I can study without childcare and I've already started it.

    Childcare starts mid September so I can actually do work during the day and concentrate properly on the rest. AP1, AP2, cash management and costs and revenue is what I am thinking so far. Christmas is my target to finish.
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