Quick ICAS help!!!

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Hi All,

I am just finishing my 3rd submission, but I am struggling with mapping point EAS 2.4 the operating procedures part.

Can anyone give me any advice on how to fufil this criteria?



  • sonya11
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    this was the feedback I received from my tutor from my first submission:

    This could be the 4th and 5th parts of the recommendation.
    You will need to provide the overall cost of making the change.
    You will also need to provide the reader with the financial and non-financial benefits that the company will enjoy.
    A detailed breakdown of the costs and financial benefits must be provided as an appendix. This could simply be an Excel spreadsheet that calculates the figures and is then pasted into the appendices. Your current appendix is not sufficient.
    There is no particular format you just need to make the reader aware of all the figures that go to make up the costs and the financial benefits.
    Consider that if you are going to prevent an earlier weakness from occurring then a financial benefit of your recommendation would include the money you have saved.
    You only need to state the overall cost and financial benefit figure in section 6. You can include 6.6 to state these figures and refer to appendix.
  • Malcolm Green
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    Hi Jade,

    Looking at the ICAS - EAS mapping requirements for section :

    2.4 Identify the implications of recommended changes in terms of time, financial costs, benefits, and operating procedures.

    In order to complete this section fully as specified by the AAT's own ICAS guidance notes,you will need to cover all of the following points:

    • The impact of your recommendations upon the staff in the accounting function i.e. improved efficiency and staff morale etc.

    • A look at the systems and training that will need to be put into place as a result of your recommendation to help ensure that staff have the necessary skills and knowledge and appropriate training to ensure they can use the accounting systems effectively.

    • How this training will be provided for example by internal (in house) or external training courses, and what other resources will be available to support this i.e. the use of manuals or other written guidance together with further help menus that can be accessed when using the computer software.

    • The benefits of the proposed recommendations must be reviewed, and be “realistically” able to be measured against the costs involved for implementation of your recommendation.

    o It may not be possible to identify all benefits in terms of cost (£), as some may be qualitative, it is essential that all costs are at least identified, and quantified wherever possible in monetary terms.

    o For example, if the recommendation includes staff training for three days – the cost of the employee time must be taken into account as well as the cost of training if external or the time of other staff members involved if completed in house as this is a lost opportunity cost.

    o It is much better to make an approximation of difficult to measure costs than to just ignore them altogether.

    I trust you will find this information of assistance
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