Self assessment return for hairdresser

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I am currently studying AAT Level 4 and have been asked by my hairdresser if I can have a look at completing her self assessment return this year. I just wondered if I am allowed to do this, or if there's anybody I need to register with or anything I need to put in place before I start? I don't plan on becoming a MIP once qualified, I'd just like to complete a few small things like self assessments around my full time job.

Sorry if this is a bit of a basic question, I just want to make sure I am allowed to do this, even though I'm not yet fully AAT qualified!



  • burg
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    You need to speak to the MIP team at the AAT for clarification. I believe as a student you can do this if you are competent to do it then you can do so. The problem may be Professional indemnity insurance as a student.

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