What sort of companies offer AAT apprenticeships?

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Nowadays the companies offering AAT apprenticeships are widespread and varied. This is partly due to a recent push by the Government to promote apprenticeships, and increased funding support for employers. As a result, an increasing number of companies who once only recruited graduates are now increasingly looking to apprenticeships.

This is great news for you, especially as accountancy skills are sought across every industry and remain as in-demand as ever.

Put simply, every company needs people to manage its finances. This means your apprenticeship could lead you into one of a diverse number industries as well as the more obvious finance and accountancy industries. For example, in 2013 the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation, as part of the Leadership Through Sport scheme, started recruiting young people to the Premier League club as accountancy apprentices.

To give you a taste of the sort of companies offering AAT apprenticeships, you might want to look at our list of AAT accredited employers (PDF link). These are all companies who are running AAT training programmes for their staff, many of them apprenticeships. Even if they're not offering vacancies currently, it might be worth enquiring with them directly to enquire about possible future opportunities.

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