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sonya11 Registered Posts: 27 Epic contributor 🐘
I filled in all the application requirements for full membership in January as I knew I'd be done this year. The website says if you completed the application prior to the 7th May that it can't be viewed online. How do I go about getting full membership now, do I need to call or will it happen automatically?


  • Diddy Mau
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    Hello Sonya

    First of all. A Massive congratulations.

    I done the same and applied early, so once final exam done, I knew I would be awarded. I was informed they check and award Full Membership on Fridays. I received an email confirming Full Membership.

    My opinion, give them a quick call. Cant hurt to make sure
  • sonya11
    sonya11 Registered Posts: 27 Epic contributor 🐘
    thanks :001_smile:

    Ok, will give them a call and see what they say
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