Advice required on Financial Performance exam feedback

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Hi Folks

I received my Financial Performance results today – not competent.
I also received the feedback sheet with a breakdown of the results. This is divided into 10 sections-
1.1 Basic Costing
1.2 1.2 Raw Materials & Labour Variances
1.3 1.3 Fixed Overhead Variance
1.4 1.4 Standard cost reporting using an operating system
1.5 Statistical Techniques
1.6 Drafting reports on variance analysis
2.1 Calculation of Performance indicators
2.2 What if analysis calculations
2.3 Advanced costing techniques
2.4 Drafting reports on key performance indicators

It has other comments next to each section such as competent/not competent.

Has anybody else received this type of report before? Has it been useful? I’m trying to relate this to the Osborne text book. Could someone advice the best way to do that?



  • janwal
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    I received one of these for all my exams I did not pass, they are really useful as it tells you the areas you were weakest on and although I need to start from scratch to revise it shows which ones I need to spend more time on.

    Good luck with resit
  • Andrej
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    Just out of interest, which areas did you not meet (not yet competent) out of the 10 sections?


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