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donna8260 Registered Posts: 27 Epic contributor 🐘
Hi, am struggling finding any decent revision material can anyone tell me if the exam is anything like the practice CBT for fa 2012. Thanks


  • Sulew17
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    Hi, took my PTX in December and found it pretty much the same as the practice ones. Good luck.
  • emuratty
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    I sat BTX last week, it was quite similar to the practice exam, but as there are some many variants you will need to know your stuff to pass this one. For example for the CA question you could get a sole trader, a partnership or a limited company, and there are different rules for each, plus the added complication of long or short CAPs, and CAPs straddling the 2 financial years. You need to have really practiced all the variations for each of these. The Kaplan revision kit is worth buying, and then you also get the extra online revision stuff on the Kaplan website.

    You should ask your course provider for extra revision questions and practice papers too.

    It's a tough exam, but if you do enough practice questions and learn all the rules you should be ok.

    The green lights on aat for this are terribly worded, I complained to them about 3 weeks ago but heard nothing back.

    Good luck
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