self employed friend moved to Holland......advice required.

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I'm after a bit of advice. A self-employed friend moved to Holland in January of this year. She now needs to complete a self assessment tax return for last year (work done in the UK). She is registered for the online service and completed the previous self assessment via that method. However, someone at HMRC advised that she will have to fill in the paper version of the return rather than online now she is abroad. This seems odd to me but then I'm not really familiar with the rules in this instance. Can anyone on this forum advise on this?

If their advice is correct, would an agent still be able to submit online on her behalf?

She has informed HMRC of change of circumstances and will be completing Dutch tax returns going forward.

Any advice much appreciated :-)


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    Nonsense, I've submitted plenty of tax returns for non-UK resident clients online. HMRC encourage it!

    'Someone at HMRC' usually gives terrible advice; if we gave advice which was as bad as HMRC's routinely is, all our PI policies would be far more expensive!
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    Thank you James, much appreciated. :001_smile:
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