Financial Performance in 3 Days!!

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Hi Forumers :001_tt2:

I have my FP exam this Monday coming and just wondering a few things.

1. any tips on the exam?
2. is the exam just like the practice assessments (people that have taken it in the last 3 months)
3. how did you find the written parts?

Many thanks in advance


  • OlympicRudi
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    The written questions are far longer than the practice tests. So best to take a look at them before you start the paper, so you know how long you need to have left for them. It caught me out when I did it & didn't get it finished. Still passed though as I aced everything else. Especially Standard Costing Variances, which seem to be weighted very highly. Used to really annoy me in class that I'd perfected them while everyone else didn't have a clue. Not many passed because of it.

    So in summary, time will be more pressured than other exams as written questions are longer & Standard Costing Variances are the key!
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