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ESC C16 and Liquidation

PsychePsyche Well-KnownRegistered Posts: 187
Hi all,
I have a client who wants to close down his limited company and take entrepreneurs' relief on the capital.
I'm going to take the esteemed Mike Steed's advice and go the voluntary liquidation route for this, as he's amassed quite a bit of profit.
Can anyone recommend a liquidator to handle this job? It should be very easy, there are no creditors and only one shareholder. We're located in London.


  • jamesm96jamesm96 Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 523
    Hi Psyche,

    I've had some dealings with Chris Herron at Herron Fisher; they're in Croydon. Chris and his business partner Nicki presented a local AAT event in Kent a while back. I've not actually used him for a liquidation so far but he's been particularly helpful on an insolvent client of mine who's currently deciding what to do.
  • PsychePsyche Well-Known Registered Posts: 187

    I'll get in touch with them. Cheers!
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