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Firstly I apologise for starting another cash management thread but I've just started studying this unit and already I'm a bit concerned. I'm using the Osborne book but I'm finding I keep having to go online to get clarification of certain on certain things e.g. overtrading. I understand the concept perfectly now as it was explained quite succinctly online but I found the Osborne book a bit confusing. I know this is one of the more difficult units on Level 3 so I want to get a good understanding of the subject right from the start so was wondering if there's another book I could be using that explains things better?


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    Not entirely sure but as this was introduced this year it was a new book produced & I doubt any other companies have produced a book with it going again in September. I found I googled a lot during this unit too & I really doubted myself but keep going. Are you self studying? If so I suggest doing ap1 and ap2 first. We did both of these after cash management & I would have found some of it easier if I had had that knowledge already. X
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    I recommend the BPP Cash Management text book, can't go wrong with them and there is plenty of explanations in the text and lots of practice questions too not forgetting the BPP Cash Management question bank book.

    I don't work for BPP, just used their materials when studying AAT and found them to be really good.
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    Thanks for the replies. Yes I am self studying and I've already done AP1 & 2, I just have cash management and PEAF to do on Level 3. I might try and see if I can get a cheap copy of the BPP book.
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