What counts as work experience while studying AAT?

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AAT's nature as a provider of vocational accountancy qualifications means we place great emphasis on learning practical skills for the workplace. This means that if you're aiming to become a full member of AAT with the letters MAAT after your name, you need to be able to demonstrate you can apply what you've learned in your studies to the workplace.

The work experience requirement for AAT full membership changed in 2013. Where previously the requirement was based on the number of hours worked, you now need to demonstrate how you have met several competencies.

You'll need to tell us how you meet:
  • seven personal effectiveness competencies. These are verified by AAT.
  • one (from a choice of eight) technical competency. This must be verified by your employer or a senior colleague.
Learn more about what counts as work experience for AAT full membership.

You can also download the AAT work experience competency guide (PDF) and check out some examples for each AAT work experience competency (PDF). (MyAAT login required.)

Even if you don't decide to pursue professional AAT membership, we strongly recommend that you take steps to gain relevant work experience during your studies. When you enter the job market in earnest, you'll be competing with people who have gone the extra mile to do so. An increasing number of AAT members start out with some voluntary work as a way to gain work experience. This counts towards your AAT work experience and demonstrates your commitment to your career. When an employer sees unpaid work experience on a CV it is a sign that the applicant has dedicated time and effort to get their start in the profession.

Regardless of where or how you gain work experience, it's vitally important to record what duties you perform, as we'll need to verify your personal effectiveness competencies and your employer will need to verify the technical work you've undertaken. We'd recommend keeping a constantly-updated diary of the work experience you perform.

To get confirmation on what does/doesn't count as relevant work experience, once you're an AAT member you can contact our Membership Support team on 0845 863 0801 (UK) / +44 (0)20 7397 3001 (outside the UK) or email membershipsupport@aat.org.uk.

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