AAT Level 4 - ICAS report HELP!!

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Hi all!

I'm really hoping someone can help. I'm just starting the ICAS project (AAT Level 4) and I'm driving myself mad with it! I've got started on the intro to the business and it's relationships with Stakeholders (1.3 I think...) and I'm trying to get an idea in my head of roughly what the project should look like when it's done. I've searched the AAT website for an example of a finished report but can't seem to find one anywhere - does anyone have a link at all please?



  • James Patterson
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    HI Ed,

    I could mail you my project so you can have a look and get an idea about the final draft.

    Just pm me your email address if you want :)
  • kimtayler
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    Hi James

    I have sent you a PM

    Many Thanks

  • James Patterson
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    kimtayler wrote: »
    Many Thanks


    Don't thank me previous, i could have said no ;) x
  • Malcolm Green
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    You may like to have a look at the new AAT website link for support materiel for the ICAS project.


    In particular the ICAS unit AAT guidance notes, which give you a good idea what you should be covering.

    A top tip for the completion of this unit is to start with the end in mind.

    So looking at both the guidance notes and the mapping requirements together should allow you to build in these assessment points as you go along.

    You will also find a copy of the AAT report writing guide which outlines what will be needed for layout etc.

    I have also attached for you an example of a guide we use in our revision workshop with students and hopefully the pointers for areas to cover in your introduction will help get you back on track.

    The hardest part with this project is starting so that's the first major obstacle out of the way.

    I trust this information will be of assistance and all the best with you ICAS project.
  • SophiaLTheos
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    Hey, I've been stuck on my project for a few hours, not sure what to write in the executive summary or my introduction :( would anyone be able to send me their project or some tips? Would be much appreciated! If anyone needs any help with other level 4 exams, I can always advise! xx
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