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I've been toying with the idea of becoming a member in practice for some time, I only intend to offer book-keeping / vat services.

The idea is more for experience than for it to become my main source of income as I am employed.

Basically is it as simple as getting my public indemnity insurance and registering to be a member in practice?

I am currently studying ACCA so I think this should cover me for my CPD, is this correct?

Beyond that I can't think of much more I'd need to consider as it would only be a casual thing income more than likely less than 2k per annum so I'm hoping there isn't going to be a lot of red tape and admin I have overlooked before applying.

Any advice appreciated.


  • Jo Clark
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    I don't know all the rules etc. but you need to check exactely what you can offer as services whilst studying ACCA, I think they are quite strict. Other members will be able to provide you with a better, more detailed response.
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