AAT Level 4 Certificate

rachyt91rachyt91 Just JoinedPosts: 4Registered
Hi Everyone,

I have recently got my last set of results through, and I was wondering if anyone knew how long the wait was for a certificate? Final results came through last week.



  • GreenMouseyGreenMousey Well-Known Posts: 154Registered
    They are printed once a month, mid-month and then sent out. I've not received my level 4 certificate as yet and I finished on 2nd July, although I have received my MAAT certificate.
  • rachyt91rachyt91 Just Joined Posts: 4Registered
    Thanks x
  • GreenMouseyGreenMousey Well-Known Posts: 154Registered
    Through other contact with the AAT re my exemptions from CIMA I was told my level 4 certificate would be sent out mid-August.
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