I am now a MIP....

Audriann Registered Posts: 2 New contributor 🐸
I am now a registered MIP and have been looking at accounting and tax software for ages now, I have come across VT and Solar Accounts and wondering if anyone can tell me which is best for accounts production, I have downloaded both on the free trial and really like the feel of Solar Accounts, VT is ok but can't get my head around some of the functions...... Can anyone help please?


  • omega man
    omega man Registered Posts: 283
    I have used VT software in trial version when doing my computerised accounts and it is a little fiddly.
    You need not worry so much with the things which have vat on them as it does that for you, although you have to log the customers and suppliers individually.
    I am now AAT qualified how have you gone about getting clients as i have none and so not much confidence in going MIP.
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