Contacting Previous Accountant

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I there a template anywhere for contacting the previous accountant for Professional Clearance and information request?

Only just become registered as a MIP and presumed there would be a template within the resources area of MyAAT but can't find one.

Can anyone help or point me in the right direction please?


  • peaman
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    Not aware of a template, I just prepare a simple letter based on all those I have seen over the years whilst working in a practice.

    'We have been approached by .................... to act as their accountants and tax advisers. Since you have previously acted in this capacity we would be grateful if you would advise us whether you know of any professional reason why we should not accept their instructions.

    Assuming that you have no such reasons, we should be grateful if you would kindly provide us with the following…'

    Then just list what you would like depending upon the status of the new client, i.e. copies of returns, TB, etc. Ask for as much as you like but don't be surprised if you only receive a few of the things you ask for, some accountants only provide the minimum information.

    There is a list in the guidelines somewhere of the information you should provide to your successors but I don't remember where I have seen it!

    Finally, don't be surprised if you need to chase them more than once, as some accountants can be particularly difficult when clients leave them, especially if there are fees outstanding.

    Good luck!
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