CRMC - Only 1 practice paper??

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I'm sitting CRMC on Thursday and I'm struggling with the fact that there is only 1 practice paper on AAT, I am confident with the paper that is already online but having more papers to practice on would really help!

I know there used to be a couple of practice papers before the exam changed from 2 parts to just 1, does anyone know if its possible to access these?



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    I looked also and there is only one. However last year I downloaded the exams from the old site for all Level 4 modules (talk about organisation!). However the mock exam is THE SAME ONE. So no I don't think you are going to get any joy. If you go to OSbourne Books website they have some test type exams online. They also have the Workbook that contains further questions (I didn't buy it).

    I sat Cash Management last week, last exam so hope I pass!

    It is an odd exam. Some of the questions are identical or very similar to the mock exam and the entire multiple choice first part of the exam was straightforward and I sped through it in ten minutes. The second part took me 2.20 mins :( The second part is very worconfusing. You need to know:

    1. What options are available to you if the invoice that hasn't been paid was YOUR fault
    2. What options are available to you if the invoice that hasn't been paid was NOT YOUR fault

    PS AAT if anyone is reading this, one of your questions in this exam is wrong. You are dividing by 30 not 15. The questions concerns the working out of the annual APR on a discount period of 5% over 15 days (45 - 30)
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    Green Light

    Sorry, try the AAT Green Light Tests also
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