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Has anybody ever has a ‘complete’ health check?

geek84geek84 Trusted RegularMAAT Posts: 567
Hi Folks

Has anybody ever has a ‘complete’ health check?

If so, was it from your GP or local hospital? What was the procedure and how long did it take?
Lastly, if I wanted a health check, would I need to contact my GP who would refer me to a hospital etc?
How reliable do you think the health check report would be? Would it depend on the knowledge/experience of your GP or hospital, or are all health checks a standard procedure and it would not matter where you get it done from?



  • janwaljanwal Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 1,189

    I had one a couple of years ago, I went to see my GP and it was done at the surgery.
    Depends how indepth you want, due to the NHS funding they won't do unnecessary scans etc.
    They checked by bllod pressure and weight etc and did a blood test which covered things like Diabetes etc.
  • geek84geek84 Trusted Regular MAAT Posts: 567
    Thanks Janwal
  • NpsNps Experienced Mentor Registered Posts: 782
    Nuffield Health used to do them, I'm sure they probably still do. I was a member of one of their gyms and they used to advertise a few levels of health checks ranging from about £100 up to much more.
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