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The Magician
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Hi guys,

Fear not as I have not erroneously posted this in the wrong section.

I am a fully qualified accounting technician, but my level 2 and 3 qualifications were under the older NVQ standards, while I completed level 4 under the newer QCF standards.

I feel that my spreadsheet knowledge is somewhat lacking and I wish to enroll on the level 3 spreadsheet course.

Would it be theoretically possible for me to enroll on a level 3 distance learning course and then take the level 3 spreadsheet exam at an exam center, even though I am an affiliate?

Has any one ever done this?

Thank you very much for any help in this matter.

Kind regards,


  • torresgbr
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    Hi sorry never done it your way. Just a thought by taking this exam it's for your own development it won't affect your AAT qualifications. Would it not be cheaper and easier to just buy the book and study yourself. Save the money on an exam. The workbooks covered everything in good detail. I sat mine 12 months ago
  • Kris1990
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    Can you still view practice assessments etc as a full AAT member? If you can, buy the book and once you feel ready take the practice assessment, the spreadsheet project I sat was identical to the mock. I believe the spreadsheet module costs about £200-250, whereas the book is under £20.

    Personally I found spreadsheets very basic, I learnt a lot more while sitting ECDL via work, perhaps consider sitting ECDL instead?
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