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This may seem quite random but I started studying level 4 a few years ago, I left before I could finish it due to personal reasons, anyway I would like to finish it now but am finding it near impossible to find out what units I need to take to pass the level, I was sure I passed all the exams and only had ICAS to take but I wanted to make sure, When contacting AAT for some reason it seems impossible to get an answer... MyAAT is telling me I have passed the below, in the paper based anyway, can anyone help or point me in the right direction please, as I am at a loss as to why I am finding it so difficult to get an answer. Thank you very much,

Preparing Business Taxation Computations 16/08/2010 Paper based Competent
Management Accounting 16/08/2010 Paper based Competent
Drafting Financial Statements 15/02/2010 Paper based Competent
Preparing Personal Taxation Computations 15/02/2010 Paper based Competent
Financial accounting 19/08/2008 Paper based Competent
Recording & analysing costs & revenues 19/08/2008 Paper based Competent
Maintaining financial records & preparing acc 18/08/2008 Paper based Competent
Recording & evaluating costs & revenues 18/08/2008 Paper based Competent
Prep. ledger balances & an initial trial 21/08/2007 Paper based Competent


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    Hi you really need to contact AAT student member enquiries on Tel: 0845 863 0801 or forward them an email:
    [email protected] with the information from your post, who should then be able to confirm your current position and what actions will be needed on your part.

    If you have completed all your relevant units and have no gaps you should only need to register with a training provider/college to set you up for completing your ICAS project.

    All the best for finishing off your AAT studies.
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