Finally.. Done AAT :D

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Hey guys,

I thought I'd share my good news, I received my FNST result yesterday and I passed, that's me done with my AAT, hurray!!! Lots of hard work, sleepless nights, stress, pressure and money but it's all worth it, I had so much fun studying and I feel wonderful to finally finished AAT.

I'm now waiting for AAT to confirm my application for full membership, all 4 steps have tick next to them on myAAT so not sure how much more time I'll have to wait. I hope I'd be able to get a place at the AAT graduation this year.

Congratulations to those who have finished and good luck to those continuing with their studies.

Aj x


  • Jo Clark
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    Congratulations littlemissme, it is a great feeling :o

    Which graduation venue would you attend?
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  • SammyRPA
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    Congratulations!!!!! :thumbup1:
  • Sammys1987
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    CONGRATULATIONS!! I hope to be saying the same thing very soon!! It's 6 weeks on Wednesday coming!! How long did your result take?
  • Rachetman
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    Congrats on your success, littlemissme. How are you going to celebrate?
  • SamiH
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    Congratulations! :) x
  • littlemissme
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    Thanks everyone :)

    Jo, I'm hoping to get a place for the one in London.

    Goodluck Sammys1987, mine took 5 weeks and 2 days, same as my FNPF and BGT.

    thanks Rachetman, I kept it simple, just a lovely dinner with loved ones. I'm thinking of buying myself a michael kors bag as a reward but it's expensive and I dont really spend that much money on such stuff but a part of me is saying I've saved a bit of money by self studying for 3 units so go for it...
  • Rachetman
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