Handover to new accountant- should I charge for a face meeting?

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Hi all
I have resigned from one of my clients - long story but no bad feelings- they have found a new accountant who have suggested a face to face meeting to hand over. Is this normal? I would have thought a little over the top? I was intending putting all my workings/files on a flash drive and sending it to them, with email to follow up on any queries. If they prefer a face to face, do you think I am out of order charging for my time, and if you don't, how much do you think I should charge?


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    I would avoid the face to face meeting if you can, dont spend too much time on this as the client has gone, either way if me I would not charge as not worth the bad PR, I would just move on as plenty of good clients out there.
  • deanshepherd
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    imeldabye wrote: »
    Is this normal?

    Nope. Highly unusual!

    Just post them the standard response and be done with it.
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    I wouldn't go with the face-to-face meeting either. Just be as co-operative as possible in the hand-over (by post or email).
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    I agree with all of the above. This is not normal practice. Just send the documents and see if they come back with any queries.
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    Thanks for your input- have emailed all the relevant docs!
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    This is unusual but I have done it twice before where it seemed the right thing to do - the first time I requested it was the first client I'd passed on and wanted to make sure I'd done it all right - the new accountant did have a little giggle at me coming in with all the files and disks and printouts with outstanding queries and notes and things but I've got a fair few leads off that accountant since then so it wasn't a waste of time at all.
    The other time was where a client had gone into liquidation and then wanted to start up again and the advisor he was using suggested he change accountants so the client requested a meeting with me and the new accountants and paid me to attend - I thought it would be awkward but it was actually fine and we got everything sorted within an hour.
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