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    Well I met with one of the partners (they are 2 o them) a very nice lady and we had a chat rather than an interview. We went through my CV and talked about my recent qualifications related to accountancy. I only have AAT level 2 and and a payroll certificate only. Maths grade A-C but long time ago this one :).

    She asked me about my future plans related to accountancy and where I am aiming to and also if in the future I am thinking to change my job from dental nurse to accountancy. I said yes of course:001_smile: I am not familiar with all the jobs in this field or what is best to follow finance or accountancy but I hope I will find out soon enough to be able to choose the right profession.
  • elim
    elim New Member Registered Posts: 9
    What is ITQ ? It is something you can do in parallel with AAT?
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    ITQ is Information Technology Qualification which is using all the Microsoft programs from Word, Excel, Power point, Outlook, Mandatory units etc. I wouldn't suggest you do too many as it is equally intensive course depending upon the level you are. Well, I am doing level 3 which is as intensive as AAT level 3. Best to do one at a time. I only took on because they approached me and were doing a pilot scheme and I got it foc. (no charge).

    Thanks for sharing your conversation you had for your voluntary work and wishing you best of luck!:001_smile:
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