Recently Completed Lvl 3 AAT, Finding it difficult to find work

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I am 24 and recently i have completed my Level 3 in AAT, and I am now looking for work.

My college that i did the Level 3 gave me a ultimatum of if i don't find work to do during my level 4 they wont take me on as they have limited spots. Which in my eyes is fair as you can get your years work experience and qualification in one year, instead of two.

But i am finding it incredibly difficult to find anything. Any tips? Or companies that are good in the South East London area/Essex?

Ive had no luck at all with the jobs that i have applied for, which i thought i was a suitable candidate for.

I do have previous office experience for sales/admin, nothing finance related at all.


  • Nps
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    Have you tried The Job Centre website. I dismissed it at first but actually in my area, there were heaps of relevant jobs on there. A lot of the recruitment agencies advertise on there, as well as companies who don't want the expense of using a recruitment agency. I got my first accounting job via the website (I started last week) and there were new jobs being added every day (and I'm being paid a far higher rate than is normal for someone with no experience so don't assume only the lower paid roles are advertised there). You don't need any involvement with the job centre at all and you don't have to be unemployed to use it.

    In the meantime, look at for volunteer treasurer roles in your area, to start building up your experience and increase your chances of a job.

    Your college attitude sounds odd. Is it something to do with their funding perhaps? Or do they perhaps think you'll struggle at level 4 without practical experience (not necessarily true, I passed level 4 with no experience). Or are they just trying to ensure you get a balanced level of qualifications and experience?

    Don't let them hold you to ransom though, just study elsewhere or try self studying if needs be.
  • Nps
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    And really highlight your admin experience, even if it wasn't finance related, it will help you find a role.

    I was surprised when some agencies seemed to rate my very historic temp admin work whilst at uni, higher than my recent AAT qualification?????
  • omega man
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    You can self study level 4 via BBP or Kaplan.
  • Nps
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    Surely it's not self study if you do it with a learning provider?
  • Rachetman
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    Hey Bardy. Sounds like your college is trying to browbeat you out of a place. Also Nps's advice is spot on and worth following.
  • Bardy
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    @Nps i did some work experience for a company that had really nothing to do with accounts it was just admin, which i had experience with anyway for 2 years with a previous company i worked for.
    Had no exposure to any ledgers or anything accounts orientated. Literally felt like they had me for a month to do the jobs no one wanted.

    I have pretty much chased every lead i could possibly chase, in various companies from local accountants to Morgan Stanley/Ernst and Young. Yet to no avail. I check all recruitment agencies daily and apply for jobs, but yet again nothing.

    The colleges idea was that people that could get the qualification as a whole with the years experience and the 6 exams, rather than the 6 exams and no experience.

    @ Omega I have been thinking of home studying as i didn't find AAT lvl 3 that difficult and pretty straight forward, but if i study at home i know that daily things will come into play and i wont be able to sit down and study. Thats why i went college in the first place to get me out and into a work environment where i could study.

    I know what i want and how old i am. So due to that i really dont want to lose another year. So with that i will 100% be studying my AAT lvl 4 and progressing towards Cima/Acca and qualifying one of them before i am 29.

    @Browbeat I don't really know that as when i was in college i used to stay behind and help the other students, if anything i helped them in a sense. But i highly doubt they will take me on this year, But then again that could work in my favor as they are doing a 12-18month lvl 4 course, which i would like to aim for just over 3 months and 6 at the latest.

    Its the just the job side of things that is getting on my nerves, i am able to retain knowledge to a good standard and have great references but i cant even get that first interview :(
  • omega man
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    I self studied and i took my exams with Kaplan you will need a learning provider for ICAS project anyway.
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