Just started my Level 3 by distance learning with PT

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While I am still waiting for my exam results for CMPA- the last exam at Level 2, I have already started my Level 3 studies. Can't wait... :) Osborne books are excellent. Really enjoy reading it... :) I like the timetable given by my course adviser too- A bit of pressure is good. Unlike Level 2 which I studied at my own pace, at Level 3 I would make sure I would study harder, follow my timetable and hopefully complete it sooner... :)


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    Hi Yun

    I totally share you enthusiasm! I've just passed L2 and have started to work through the Osborne book for Accounts Preparation I. It's such an enjoyable subject at this level. Maybe because it's all new to me.

    I agree too about the Osborne books. I've tried Kaplan and BPP but Osborne definitely suit me best - very logical and easy to read.

    Good luck with the rest of your studies.

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    Thanks and good luck to you too. :)
  • YunYun Feels At Home Posts: 25Registered
    I am starting to think whether I should buy the whole set of Osborne tutorial books at Level 2 so I can keep them for future reference even though I have already got the Level 2 workbooks from a different publisher.
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    If it helps, I found that API and APII covered most of what I learnt in L2 - just more in depth
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