Spreadsheets - How long does it take??

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Hello Everyone

This is probably been asked before but does anyone know how long roughly the Spreadsheet L3 module will take to learn?

I am studying via distance learning along with a full time job so do 1hr each evening (or try to:blushing:)

Many thanks


  • Vlee
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    It depends on how familiar you already are with Excel. I used to use it a fair bit but learnt new bits which took a bit longer to grasp - IF statements and Look ups for example. I also had an expert on hand to help at home. If you don't have children or other demands you could do it in a week, including a lot of weekend study and practice. If you can't commit to the weekend two or three weeks of an hour a day will be enough. It isn't difficult but it is time consuming going through the examples, doing them yourself and figuring out where things are according to which version of excel you have - I had the latest version which wasn't covered at all but took the exam in this version luckily. Make sure you find out which verse your exam centre uses.
  • BigJim
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    Thanks Vlee that's v helpful :001_smile:. It does look daunting all the horrible formulas ready to leap out and strangle you!
  • Jo Clark
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    I agree, two weeks should be enough... it also takes a few weeks to be marked :)
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