Accounting software for small non profit/charity

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Can anyone recommend suitable software for a small non-profit organisation that is considering converting to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO)? They need to be able to track restricted and unrestricted funds separately, I understand that the 'classes' facility in Quickbooks can be used for this but I have no experience of using it in this way. The organisation already has a 'bookkeeper' who is actually a retired pensions manager and as far as I know doesn't have any accounts training, so the software needs to be suitable for non-specialists. I have suggested that they stick with receipts and payments accounts as their income is very low and far less than the Charity Commission cut off of £250,000 for receipts and payments. I've only been volunteering there a few weeks and my involvement was voluntary admin until they realised I was AAT qualified and had financial management experience in the public sector.

Any comments greatly appreciated!

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