VT op bals - I don't want them!

I'm used to using Iris but have recently been using VT and am happy with it so far.

However I have done my first Sage job in VT and deciding to enter it into Trans. + first, then post the comparatives and do my journals before transferring into VT final accounts.

Well the issue I have is that my current year was fine, I then posted last year as a journal agreeingthe entries to last years accounts. However VT trans. + is automatically bringing forward last years balance sheets entries and capital a/c when I don't need it to as I've posted all this from the current year TB. It seems to do this automatically and I can't find a way to reverse it so it is duplicating the b/f balances (EG P & M cost is already on my sage TB so i don't need VT to carry it fwd).

I can see that you can choose where last years accounts get b/f to but that is not the answer as i want noting b/f form last years balance. This is the way my practice have done it on Iris for years. The only way I can see how to rectify is to do a manual journal to reverse this?

Your thoughts would be much appreciated :)



  • stevo5678
    stevo5678 Registered Posts: 325
    Absolutely perfect - just what I wanted!

    I hoped there would be a nice easy fix. VT goes up again in my estimations.


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