Happy Friday! Confession of a numbers geek.....

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Happy Friday everyone! :thumbup:

It does make me laugh when people post their payslips on Facebook (why would you anyway?) and think because the salary bit is hidden no one will know what they earn.... As long as tax and ni deductions are there I see it as a challenge to work out the salary from these numbers... is it just me? :lol:


  • mandatory
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    I was unaware that people posted their payslips on Facebook! I thought that talking about your own salary was a pretty taboo subject, it's certainly not something I would ask my friends or even talk about what I earn. Strange! :)
  • Laura8192
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    someone had posted to show their student loan deductions, but yes, people are strange!
  • lor
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    strange eh. I wouldnt wanna do that! working in finance people try to get info from me. it really pisses me off as I would be underminding my position. .....
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