Doing your own tax return online/already registered:

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Hello all,

My Mom has had an accountant for the last 3 years doing her accounts and tax return. It is just a sole-trader set of accounts and fairly straight forward. However this year, with my guidance she wants to do her own self assessment tax return online.

Does she need to sign up for online services on the HMRC website? Obviously she is already registered for taxes and self employment per the accountants but she has signed up for online services using her UTR number she already has and NI number.

It says she needs to wait 7 days for her activation code but surely the accountants already have this?

Has she got it wrong and re-registered or duplicated anything?

Thanks for the advice/help guys!



  • Carole
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    Her accountants would sign in as her agent using their own codes.

    She does need to sign up for self assessment herself to get her own username and password. My own self assessment codes are different to my agents codes.

    Hope this helps
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    Hi JJB,

    At work, if a client decides to do their tax returns themselves or go to another accountant, they will need to register with HMRC online (either for themselves or the new accountant will do this). This where the activation code comes in. It is correct that it is usually issued within 7 days and normally sent in the post. When receiving this code you enter it in the correct place on the HMRC website which enables you to submit tax returns. If you changed to a new accountant, they would do this and once you had told them the activation code they would be registered as your agents and therefore able to submit tax returns on your behalf.

    If you go to the HMRC website, on the left click on register (new users), then scroll down to near the bottom and click on 'sign up for HMRC online services' this will take you through a step by step of registering. If your Mum has already done this and is waiting to receive her code this is correct! Please note the code has a shelf life and has to be used within so many days. If the date lapses then another one will need to be issued.

    Oh and remember to notify the old accountant so they know not to prepare any future tax returns for your Mum.

    I hope this makes sense!
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