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Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good provider for distance learning? I've not done an AAT course through distance learning so have no idea what any of them are like!

Thanks in advance


  • Claire1705
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    I did level 2 & 3 at college but I am part way through level 4 through Premier Training (distance learning) and find them very good! They have their own assignments to check your progress through each unit which I have found very useful. They mark them very promptly and give you feedback and a score which is also good! If your assigned tutor is on holiday there is always another tutor on hand to help you out. The price is very reasonable too! The only thing I am finding difficult which is nothing to do with Premier Training themselves is motivation and self discipline hence why it is taking me considerably longer to complete than the other levels. Since starting this level/distance learning I have found this forum invaluable as if you need advice or help 'out of hours' there are so many experienced people and so someone almost always gets back to you within a short time sometimes only minutes! :)
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    I second exactly what Claire has said!

    I am with Premier Training too and I cannot fault them. My tutor is amazing and is really patient with me.

    Just like Claire though I have found it really tough to keep going. I have had almost a year since doing my last exam due to various personal circumstances and how busy work is. You really do need to set yourself targets and stick to them, as once you are in the routine of studying daily it gets easier.

    I find a good way of keep on track is to book your exam. Then you have a deadline to work to and it makes you study!

    Good luck with whatever you decide and if you ever do have any questions everyone on here is really helpful.
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    I've only done spreadsheets with Kaplan so far - sent the books with online access plus quick tests and a mock assessment. This is the same as if you just bought the books except you have the ability to email a tutor, I did once and it was quick but they didn't know the answer - it was about the how the exam worked. I didn't have any other guidance, study plan, timetable or assignments.

    I would like to know more about whether this is usual for Kaplan and others and what the support is like. How do they provide support, phone or just email? Are they proactive in pushing you and checking your progress? I probably will opt for some level of support for L4 and am quite confused about what the extra money provides - I'm self studying L3 but I'm not sure how I'd cope with L4 alone. A tutor suggested I could self study some bits but other modules are tougher and she recommended BPP revision classes for these. The courses seem very expensive compared to college so I'd be interested to know roughly how much it is costing.

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    If you need a private tutor, check aybell.co.uk
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