FNST Written Questions

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Am sitting my FNST in a weeksa time, am ok with the figure work just not sure what I need to focus on for the written questions, can anyone advise. Thanks.:001_smile:


  • crispy
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    This may seem boring but how about learning the definitions of income, expense, asset, liability and equity by rote ? This question seemed quite present in the exam and practice papers when i took it.

    Also learn a sentence or 2 about each examinable IAS, just the main points and how to apply them, don't need chapter and verse.

    Report writing try and interpret ratio's - ie: don't just write 'revenue has increased by 5%' which is obvious try and look a bit deeper into the situation. eg is the company lowering sales prices in order to gain a higher market share and thus revenues are increasing..or something like that :)
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